Areas of Experience
I Am Currently Doing The Following

DevOps Engineer - Voice B/OSS

Responsibilities: Administration and deployment of B/OSS telephony provisioning system, create automated solutions to real-world problems, develop and deliver reports, ensure thorough data integrity for both business and 911 related matters, contribute to 99.999% uptime, perform research into newest technologies and enact plans to integrate them into our production solutions.

Previously I Was Doing

Director of Marketing and Outreach HiveBio Community Laboratory - Seattle, Washington

Responsibilities: Maintaining laboratory inventory, scientific coursework planning, maintenance of scientific equipment and facilities, community outreach, experimental design

Laboratory Assistant

Responsibilities: Management of laboratory materials for organic chemistry courses, creation and maintenance of reagents and solutions, tutoring students weekly


Bachelor of Science, Chemistry The Evergreen State College - Olympia, Washington

Topics of Study: Chemistry (inorganic and organic), Biochemistry, Genetics, Agronomy, Botany

Academic Research I Have Led

English, Fran├žais, Go, Python

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